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Mental Health and Well -Being

Wellbeing at Ospringe


Ospringe Primary School understands that mental health and wellbeing should be at the forefront of our community. We believe that if we have a united approach towards looking after our own and each others mental health, we can support children to have high levels of wellbeing.  We nurture pupils to flourish, and succeed by providing opportunities for them, and our whole school community, to develop and grow their resilience, both physically and mentally.

Returning to school after lockdown


Some children may be experiencing some anxiety about retuning to school after a period of not being at school and home learning. Some children may worry about leaving their parents and may just have general anxiety about classes. Some children may still be worried about COVID and how this is going to impact family members or classmates. 

Remind children that these feelings are normal and make time for some coping strategies, these could include: 

  • Breathing techniques 
  • Reading or drawing 
  • Healthy sleep routine. 

Children will be supported in school with any concerns they have and can also be support further if the need it there. 


'Time for Us' pack- to help children and adults talk about their feelings

A guide on how to sleep better for children

Resources for Parents 
Exercise to improve wellbeing and motivation. 

5 Minute Move Featuring Betsy | The Body Coach TV

Join Joe and Betsy for this awesome 5-minute workout.

How are you feeling?

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