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Home Learning 


If your child is required to stay at home but they feel well enough to continue with their learning, please refer to this section of our class page each day, where I will upload the daily learning activities. 

    RWI - Phonics    


   Working on sounds   


Set 1 Sounds lesson














 Sound of the Day 


  • Play with your sounds.
  • Make words.
  • Stick them up around the house (on door frames, in different rooms).
  • Challenge your child to find the sounds.
  • Match a sound to an object (e.g. ch - chair). 
  • Play Fred talk games 


We have learnt all Set 1 sounds now.

If you feel your child wants or needs to practice more. All the sounds are in the document below. Focus on the sounds your child finds the most difficult and continue to do a different sound each day.

   Working on blending...   


Have a go at some of the 'FRED' talk games. You can play these throughout the day to help your child begin to blend. There are also some videos to watch to help you get the hand of 'FRED' talking.

   Working on reading...   

Remember, all the resources I have provided are for your child to read (not for you to read to your child). Find where your child is comfortable in having a go. 


  • Watch the video to help your child begin to recognise 'red' words (the, I, put, of)
  • Have a go at the Ditty pages - try one a day. You might want to start off with just reading a small amount. 
  • Please find some simple books in the tab below. Start with the Red ditty book bag books.