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                   Last week at home Ash Class!                   


It is your last week of home learning! I cannot quite believe it. I am so proud of how you have all worked over these past weeks and I am so incredibly excited to welcome you all back to school next Monday. 


This last week, we will be celebrating World Book Day (Thursday 4th). Each day I will put up a page of activities for the day, these will include literacy & phonics activities as well as various other things to choose from. Please try to do some phonics everyday, whether that is flash cards, Fred talk or reading, as well as looking at the maths activities for the day. 


I will not put any CIP up this week as I think there is enough activities to choose from in the 'book week' pages. 


Enjoy your last week together!

See you soon.

Miss Berrington heart


I love seeing all the brilliant activities you are getting up to at home. 

Please continue to upload photos and observations on Tapestry - that way I can have a look and add it to your child's learning journal. 

Try to upload one activity a day (at least 3 per week).

EVERYDAY - Please practice writing your own name.

You could use: pens, pencils, different colours

If you need help:                                         

  • trace it                                                                                    
  • copy it
  • write it 


How do you feel today?

The document below will help you discuss emotions with your child and help them to understand and recognise their own feelings.

    It is Book Week!    


Let's celebrate and share our love of books.


I will put an activity page below each day. 

There are also 3 activity/challenge pages for you to have a go at across this week. 


Have fun reading and sharing stories!


The Sandwich

This poem is about a huge sandwich! I don't think I would manage to eat all of that. What is your favourite sandwich?

    RWI - Phonics    


   Working on sounds   


Set 1 Sounds lesson














 Sound of the Day 


  • Play with your sounds.
  • Make words.
  • Stick them up around the house (on door frames, in different rooms).
  • Challenge your child to find the sounds.
  • Match a sound to an object (e.g. ch - chair). 
  • Play Fred talk games 


We have learnt all Set 1 sounds now.

If you feel your child wants or needs to practice more. All the sounds are in the document below. Focus on the sounds your child finds the most difficult and continue to do a different sound each day.

   Working on blending...   


Have a go at some of the 'FRED' talk games. You can play these throughout the day to help your child begin to blend. There are also some videos to watch to help you get the hand of 'FRED' talking.

When your child is confident playing Fred talk games - have a go at some of these simple blending books. You do not need to read all the words in one go. Just try a couple and see how you get on!

   Working on reading...   

Remember, all the resources I have provided are for your child to read (not for you to read to your child). Find where your child is comfortable in having a go. 


  • Watch the video to help your child begin to recognise 'red' words (the, I, put, of)
  • Have a go at the Ditty pages - try one a day. You might want to start off with just reading a small amount. 
  • Please find some simple books in the tab below. Start with the Red ditty book bag books.

    Child Initiated Play    


Please look at the activities linked to our story today for some ideas.


As I spoke about in the Parent's meeting...


Think; ask questions; find out; play


Including these in your day will include maths in your day.



Sorry for the confusion on Monday - I uploaded maths from 1st February by mistake. 

I have put maths for Monday and Tuesday up, and will continue to put up each day's maths as well as the previous day's. There might be a day where you manage both. But not to worry if you don't. 


    Its time to sing    

Use your arms

Listen to the words and use your arms to perform the actions

Funny Face

Pull a funny face. Try to make each other smile!

Steering a Great Big Trolley

We love this one! Get your shopping trolley ready to load up - don't bump into the other customers.

    Fine Motor activity    


You need:

  • a piece of paper
  • maybe some colouring pens or pencils 



How could you make a book? 

Give your child a piece (or a couple) of paper. Ask them how they could turn it into a book. It could be a story book, a colouring book, a number book... anything! 

Let them play around with ideas before suggesting and modelling folding (there are lots of ways to fold a book - as you can see). Make it as simple as you like.


Once you have made your book you could decorate it however you like, or save it for another time for colouring, drawing, writing sounds or numbers!



    Storytime with Miss Berrington    

The Enormous Crocodile

This is a long story for little children. If you need to, take a break part way through, or you could watch some then have a go a an activity before watching the rest of the video.
It is a great story - I hope you enjoy it!

Magic Shoes

Where would you go with magic shoes? What would you like to see? Would your magic shoes give you any super powers?


A poem for after Doh Disco - squash, squeeze, roll your doh. What will you make?

Five Minutes' Peace

A story that I love reading out loud. I hope you enjoy listening to it!

The Invisible String

Today we are remembering a little girl in our school who sadly passed away. The other classes will be remembering her in worship today and will be hearing this story to help with their grief. Perhaps you could listen to this together - it is not only relevant to loss but in many ways it fits with what a lot of us are experiencing at the moment.

We're Going on a Polar Bear Hunt

I made a different version of a story we all know! I wonder if you can find a polar bear in your garden, or maybe a penguin or an arctic fox? Have fun on your snowy adventures today!

Arthur and the Meanies

Another one from the school library! This one has some lovely illustrations (they are the pictures in the story). If you make some illustrations, I would love to see it!

The Ugly Five

I filmed this first thing in the morning - excuse the tired eyes! Who else feels tired in the morning?

My Monster and Me

Another lovely story about worries. This is a lovely one to share when you are trying to encourage sharing feelings at home. I have also put together a 'How do I feel today...' section at the top of our class page to support talking about emotions at home.

A Squash and a Squeeze

You could retell this story using teddies/animals at home. Maybe you could build a house for the little old lady.

A Squash and a squeeze

The Runaway Iceberg

Go on an adventure with two little penguins. Maybe you could tell a story about your adventure in the Antarctic!

Owl Babies

We love this story in Ash class. Have a go at retelling it with a grown up at home.

Story time: A Dot in the Snow | Oxford Owl

It's story time! Watch this story of a curious polar bear, a little girl lost in the snow, and the precious friendship they discover together - a heart-warming wintery story.

The Worrysaurus

This is a lovely story about worries and how we can help calm our little worries.

Whatever Next!

Baby Bear goes on an adventure to the moon.

I can do anything that's everything all on my own

Charlie and Lola stories are lots of fun. What can you do on your own? What is more fun to do with other people?

The Gruffalo

I chose one of my favourite woodland stories and read it in the woods! It was chilly. The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.

The Gruffalo Song

By Julia Donaldson.
Have a go at making up some actions.

The Three Little Pigs

This is my favourite story to tell out loud. I wonder if you can remember all the actions.

Sidney Spider

Theo the dog was not so helpful this time! I had to chop out a lot of excited chatting. Story belongs to Talk4writing - copyright Pie Corbett

Pippety Skycap

Enjoy storytelling with the mischievous little pixie - Pippety Skycap. Story rights belong to Talk4writing

The Snail and the Whale

Reading the story of the Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. Which place would you like to visit?