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Ash Class

                          Hello Ash Class!                         


I have filled this page with lots of learning activities for you to enjoy together at home. 


Please do not feel you have to complete everything I have put up. At the very least, please have a go at a phonics activity and a maths activity each day. 


When your child is playing, try to play with them as your input really helps to develop their language and vocabulary. Asking them questions is a great place to start and they will start to direct you - they love it when they feel like they are in charge!


The timetable is a suggestion only. Feel free to create a timetable that works for you at home. Please do remember, children thrive with structure (each of our days at school have very much the same timetable). 


Please contact me if you have any questions, worries or some pictures to share.


Miss Berrington heart

I love seeing all the brilliant activities you are getting up to at home. 

Please continue to upload photos and observations on Tapestry - that way I can have a look and add it to your child's learning journal. 

Try to upload one activity a day (at least 3 per week).

EVERYDAY - Please practice writing your own name.

You could use: pens, pencils, different colours

If you need help:                                         

  • trace it                                                                                    
  • copy it
  • write it 


    *Week 3 Activity Menu*    


I have put together these activities for you to have a go at this week. They each cover various aspects of the EYFS curriculum including maths and literacy. They are all fairly straightforward but I have added in some questions for you to ask your child and some ways you could extend the activity if they are enjoying it. 


It would be lovely to see photos of some of these activities and with your permission I could create a gallery so you can see what each other is enjoying at home. I might have a go at some of them myself!

    RWI - Phonics    


Set 1 Sounds lesson


Blending and FRED talk

If you are ready to read a little more...

I have gone back to the beginning with these to hopefully build some confidence with reading phrases

    Child Initiated Play    

Themed CIP - Exploring the Polar ice caps

Pedro the Penguin | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Have a go at moving and following along the story

Joybob The Polar Bear | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

This yoga is all about a Polar Bear


Activities for today

Extended or different tasks

Counting 1 to 10 | Number Songs

Sing along with the penguins. You could use objects (beads, pasta, blocks) to act out the song as you sing.


Getting ready for lunch

    Its time to sing    

Use your arms

Listen to the words and use your arms to perform the actions

Funny Face

Pull a funny face. Try to make each other smile!

Steering a Great Big Trolley

We love this one! Get your shopping trolley ready to load up - don't bump into the other customers.

    Fine Motor activity    

You need:

  • gloves
  • your hands


Practice putting on a pair of gloves. Try to get all your fingers in the right place. 


You could have a race with a grown up or time yourself and see if you can get quicker and quicker. 


When you have finished, roll your gloves together like a pair of socks.



     RE learning - Week 2     

    Storytime with Miss Berrington    

The Worrysaurus

This is a lovely story about worries and how we can help calm our little worries.

Whatever Next!

Baby Bear goes on an adventure to the moon.

I can do anything that's everything all on my own

Charlie and Lola stories are lots of fun. What can you do on your own? What is more fun to do with other people?

The Gruffalo

I chose one of my favourite woodland stories and read it in the woods! It was chilly. The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.

The Gruffalo Song

By Julia Donaldson.
Have a go at making up some actions.

The Three Little Pigs

This is my favourite story to tell out loud. I wonder if you can remember all the actions.

Sidney Spider

Theo the dog was not so helpful this time! I had to chop out a lot of excited chatting. Story belongs to Talk4writing - copyright Pie Corbett

Pippety Skycap

Enjoy storytelling with the mischievous little pixie - Pippety Skycap. Story rights belong to Talk4writing

The Snail and the Whale

Reading the story of the Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. Which place would you like to visit?

Port Side Pirates! | Barefoot Books Singalong

We love these stories in class!

Over in the Meadow | Barefoot Books Singalong

Maybe you could make up some actions to this song?

If You're Happy and You Know It! | Barefoot Books Singalong

Can you remember any of the ways to say hello in different languages?