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Our School Councillors act as representatives for each of the classes within our school. They give our pupils a voice by taking part in key decisions.

Our School Councillors meet each seasonal term to discuss a variety of aspects of school life and spend an afternoon working together on projects they feel are important to them and the school community as a whole. They also listen to the ideas of their class and bring them to School Council meetings, after which they feed back what has been discussed.


2018-2019- What have we done so far?

Our new School Councillors met in term 1 to introduce themselves and spent time getting to know each other. They discussed their role and their responsibilities as a School Councillor. Our older School Councillors were able to help the younger children with understanding what their responsibilities would be. They also updated the playground zones posters and presented to the whole school in an assembly so all the children knew which activities could take place in each area.


The School Council team met again in term 2 and updated our child-friendly 'School Development Plan', which will be shared with the whole school in an assembly soon. They also drew up a short list of charities from which the school will choose a final one, later in the year. All the money raised from Enterprise week later in the year will be donated to the chosen charity. To raise money for Children in Need, they decided that children could donate £1 in order to wear an outfit that reflected them “doing their thing”. They also came up with the idea of putting a pound on Pudsey where each child was able to stick their pound on a large cardboard Pudsey Bear.

What did we do last year?

Last year the School Councillors spent time creating a child friendly version of the School Development plan which was then shared with the whole school in an assembly. They also worked together to evaluate our ‘Pupil Voice’ questionnaire and presented this as a video to the whole school.


As improving our attendance was a focus for the school, the school council discussed strategies to help this. They came up with the idea of the ‘lollipop sticks’ where children who have been in school all week get the chance to enter a draw for a grand prize at the end of the term.


As well as this, the School Council short listed charities for the school to vote on. The school choose Cancer Research UK and then raised money for the charity during Enterprise Week in term 6. As well as this, some of the School Councillors helped at the Strawberry Tea in July where some elderly residents of Faversham came to share tea and cakes at the school.


Putting a pound on Pudsey

Putting a pound on Pudsey 1
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