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Remembering Lyrah. Today, in particular, we will be remembering Lyrah. Please watch the worship slides and take a moment to think of her, her family and friends.


End of block assessment (available on Purple Mash)

Maths fluency


Read through the teaching slides

Story prompts - Character, Setting, Situation, Object, Time

Guided Reading


Read through the teaching slides

Video 1 - How the Digestive System Works

Watch this movie about your digestive system, the system that handles the food you eat.

Video 2 - Food groups, nutrients and eating a balanced diet | Primary Science - Live Lessons

Suitable for teaching 9-11s. Barney Harwood, Fran Scott and Hacker T. Dog take a look at food groups and nutrients, and examine why it's important to eat a b...

Step 3 - How do our bodies get nutrients from food? | BBC Teach

Ella eats a healthy balanced breakfast whilst Jamie just eats a chocolate biscuit.Presenter Zoe explains how a mix of foods with slow-release energy gives us...