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Daily Reading

The expectation is that the children will read their own reading books for a sustained period of time each day. At school we do this after lunch, it is up to you when the most convenient time is for you. It is beneficial for children to have 15minutes of individual quiet reading, on their own and then read to an adult who will ask them questions about what they have read. For example:-

  • Summarise what has happened in the story so far.
  • Predict what might happen next.
  • Discuss unfamiliar vocabulary.
  • Discuss what characters are like or why they behave in a certain way.
  • Discuss clues in the text that tell us about what might happen.
  • Discuss the setting and describe it.


The children have a guided reading task to do each day that can be undertaken as a shared reading task with an adult, it does not have to read just by your child and we encourage discussion around their understanding of events that take place. The questions can be done verbally or as a written response but encourage full sentences in their answers with as much detail explaining their reasons and backing up their responses with what they have read in the text.