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Hi Year 6,

Obviously, current circumstances that are beyond our control mean that we can't be in school until next Tuesday. As it stands, we're going to try our very best to still stage Oliver (Tuesday 13th July, Wednesday 14th July and Thursday 15th July at 6:30pm), so please keep learning your lines and song lyrics. We can't 100% guarantee that we'll be able to put it on, as it will also depend on the weather, but we really hope you can at least experience performing it, after all the hard work you've all put in. We'll keep you updated.

Fingers crossed!

Miss P and Mr F


This is another version of the story of Oliver Twist. This was made in 1948.

Oliver Twist 1948

Work for those children who have to isolate

Monday 12th July 2021

Teaching video - Find pairs of values (1)

Maths worksheet - Also available on Purple Mash as a 2Do

Guided Reading - Write the answers to the questions on a page

Geography Tasks 

Over the next 4 days, have a go at completing these tasks related to North America.

Introduction to North America

Map of North America 1


Tasks to be completed over the next few days

Victorian Workhouses