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Week 8 Monday 18th May - Friday 22nd May

Thank to you all for managing to get some home learning done and doing some wonderfully creative things as well. Remember, if you have any photos of what you've been up to, please email me and I'll continue adding them to the class gallery page. It's so lovely to see what so many of you have been up to and also for you to see what each other have been up to!

The class email is:


Take care,

Miss P


It's another victory to the girls who are making a comeback. Game play now stands at 4-2 to the boys (lockdown tournament totals!)

This week, the girls had a resounding victory with 2070 points to the boys' 915 points.

Evita scored the highest individual total with 1,502 points! Fab work Evita!

Next week's tournament will start on Monday 18th May at 8:30am and end on Friday 22nd May at 3:20pm



A new set of spellings has been set and will start on Monday 18th May at 8:30am and end on Friday 22nd May at 3:20pm.

This week's 'winner' who played the greatest number of individual games is Sophie who played 63 games. Well done Sophie! That's a great effort!



This week's 2Quiz focus is books! Your task is to produce a quiz based on a book. I will answer them and see how many I can get right. You may do a clue-based quiz where I have to work out the title of the book or you can just do a question-and-answer quiz based on the book. Thank you to those who completed last week's task.