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Week 7 Monday 11th May- Friday 15th May

It's a huge victory to the girls! 

Girls 2,474 v Boys 1,063

Well done girls! 

Highest scorer this week was Evita with a magnificent 1,012!

Let's see what next week's tournament brings. Will it be 6-1 to the boys OR will the girls claw back another victory and make it 5-2? laugh



Well done to those who played. I played a hive game when I was in school last week! This week's winner is Scarlett with a great score of 74 games! Well done Scarlett! yes

The next games will kick into action at 8am on Monday 11th May and end at 4pm on Friday 15th May.



Thanks for all the quizzes you submitted. Some great questions once more. I enjoyed answering them. Please check your 2Dos for this week's activities. 


Hope you are all doing well. Remember you can email me with any questions or to send pics. I love hearing from you and seeing what you've been up to. smiley





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