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TT Rockstars/ ED shed Challenge

This week's Spelling Shed news

1st place H-LB- 4,120,804- what a whopping score- 2 raffle ticketsenlightenedenlightened Also 7th place in the whole school!smiley

2nd place JM- 941,562- A super speller! 1 raffle ticketenlightened

3rd place  MC 674,730- Amazing work! 1 raffle ticketenlightened

4th place  JG   322, 410- Fabulous effort! 1 raffle ticketenlightened

5th place AB  255,730 - Another incredible score- well done! 1 raffle ticketenlightened


Well done again for all of your hard work spelling a particularly tricky set of words this week! Keep spelling and trying hard Juniper!


TT rockstars weekly challenges- watch this space for last week's results....



This week we have 3 challenges! Girls vs boys, Hazel vs Juniper, Willow vs Juniper so try your best to be the champions!