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TT Rockstars and EDshed Challenges

TT - Rockstars Challenges


Last week we had 2 challenges a Juniper  Boys vs Girls challenge and a Year 3 vs Year 4 challenge.

These are the results:-


Juniper Boys vs Girls = Boys- 57points     Girls -33points    Well done boys - you rocked it!


Year 3 vs Year 4 =   Year 3- 11 points    Year 4- 37 points  Well done Juniper- keep it up!


Ed Shed- Top 3 scorers in Juniper this week:-

1st place M.C= 1,631,332- What a fantastic effort, well done!

2nd place HH=  865, 220- What a super speller, well done!

3rd Place AB= 402, 654  - Excellent effort, well done!


These were all boys so come on girls, get spelling!