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Simple books to read

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Remember our 'red' words

RWI - Book bag books


We would normally start to send these books home as your child progresses through RWI.

They come after the ditty sheets. 

Your child is supposed to be able to read these with very little help (they are not stories for an adult to read) - only start your child reading these if you feel they are ready and are wanting to read some more. 

Please ask if you need any help or have any questions.

Some books to read (and share)


These e-books are for you to look at together. I have put them in order of difficulty (simple to more complex).


Go at your child's pace - 


If they are not ready (confident) to read just yet:

  • Talk about the pictures together and discuss what might be happening/what might happen on the next page
  • Ask your child to spot a sound on the page to get them used to looking at the words as well as the pictures


If they are happy to blend words (in the blending book but not yet reading phrases on the ditty sheet):

  • Encourage your child to sound out some of the simple words (even if this is one word per page) 


If your child is confident with blending words and has the stamina to read the phrases on the ditty sheet:

  • If there is a word your child cannot sound out (balloon, dinosaur, teddy, Floppy, Kipper) read it to them and point out the picture clue. 
  • Read back the sentence after they have read it to help with fluency and their understanding (it is often too much for them to read the sentence and take in what it says)


Oxford Owl e-books


Some of these require an account on Oxford Owl - it is free for parents to sign up. This is optional, don't feel you have to.