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Each day there will be a fluency exercise that should take no longer than 5- 10minutes and then the main learning. Don't forget to continue with TT Rockstars too! 

To support the children's learning and understanding there will a teaching video link and matching power point if you prefer- they both have the same information.


There is a worksheet for the children to complete each day and a true and false question to check their understanding at the end of each lesson- these do not need to be printed out. The answers are provided and the children can mark their own with a different coloured pen or pencil. Encourage them to spot where they have gone wrong if they need to correct any mistakes.


Remember to give lots of encouragement because it doesn't matter if we get things wrong, it is a process to getting things right and it will make your child a more resilient and analytical learner if they know how to work things out.