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Thursday 4th February- Write the second part of your report- Use your plan to help.

Remember to use descriptive vocabulary and use a variety of interesting sentence starters. Use the fronted adverbial sheet to help you from the toolkit. You can write or type it- if you want  to type it you can type it straight into the booklet template for Thursday's English as a 2do on purple mash.

  1. Write a paragraph about what your Goblin most likes to eat- diet. Remember to add some interesting food names and descriptions,
  2. Add in any special or surprising features that your Goblin has which makes them different to other Goblins.
  3. Write about particular hobbies your Goblin has, things that they like to do: the stranger the better!
  4. Finally, write a conclusion to end your report, adding in any fun facts and information to the reader. Perhaps add a rhetorical question.

Goblinology- Information writing booklet