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Children's Mental Health Week

    Children's Mental Health Week 2021    


I have put together a few activities for you to look at. Some of these will be appropriate for you and your child to do together. Others might be better used as inspiration for yourself of tasks you can enjoy together. 


The hope is that we can all start talking about mental health in age appropriate ways and encourage everyone, children and adults, to express themselves however they wish. 


As adults we might find this hard, but, you are your child's biggest role model in life. Teaching them all about healthy self-expression is important. Having open discussions from the time they are little will give them a great start! Your children will grow to be confident, creative individuals as long as you give them the environment to do so. By helping your children practice self-expression, you are preparing them to be the best versions of themselves as they grow up. 


I would LOVE to see a picture on Tapestry of your child 'dressed to express'!


Listen to some calming music while:

  • colouring
  • painting 
  • building with blocks 
  • playing with playdoh 
  • threading


Balloon (Peace Out: Guided Meditation for Kids) | Cosmic Kids

These mindfulness sessions are lovely but your child will need encouragement at first. I will often ask afterwards if the children want to share how they feel or what they thought about (but they don't have to). I then ask if they enjoyed it with thumbs up or thumbs down - the first time, most children don't really love it! But perseverance is key!

Time Out (Peace Out: Guided Meditation for Kids) | Cosmic Kids

Express yourself


You are special. You are important. 

What is special about you? 


You can express yourself (be you) in lots of ways! Below are some ideas of how you could show everyone who you are and how special you are!


It would be lovely to see lots of pictures of you expressing yourself - this could be as simple as letting your child pick their own outfit! Whatever they choose, it is a simple way of letting them be who they are. 

Sharing love and kindness

Extra support for grown ups...