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Dear Lovely Ash Class!


Hello lovely Ash Class! Firstly, I hope you are all well and having a super half term and enjoying the lovely sunshine! 


I know the option for your child to return to school must have been an extremely hard decision for you all. These are very uncertain times and I am sure that what ever you have decided, will be the best decision for you, your family and your child. 

For those who are not returning to school, I know that you have been doing some fantastic home learning so far and I know that this will continue! smiley I will continue to upload work and handwriting video's to Tapestry. In school, we will also be completing the same work so please know that your child will not be missing any extra learning. I will have to work around being back in school, so the way I upload may vary ie I may upload all of the weeks work at once. Please still continue to upload to Tapestry! I have loved seeing what you have been busy doing at home so please do not stop! And remember that if you need anything, please email me! 

For those of you who are coming back to school, I cannot wait to see you all! Mrs Hostead and Mrs Berrington have made a little story about returning to school and what school will be like. This is for you to share with your child, discuss and answer any questions they may have (if you need any help doing this, please contact me!)

The children have all been doing an amazing job at working from home and have adapted so well to all of these changes. With lots of preparation, discussion and emphasis on their personal, social and emotional well-being, I am sure they will adapt just as well to not only being back at school, but being back at school with a lot of changes. As you know, the children will be in 'Pods'. I will be with one Pod, and Mr Friel will be with the second with Mrs Fentiman. I will be planning the same work for both Pods and for the children at home and I and Mr Friel will be communicating regularly.

Thank you all for working so hard over these past few months. Through pictures and speaking to some of you, I can see clearly that the children are so happy and have been provided with some amazing activities and experiences, all from home!

I am looking forward to seeing those who are coming back! And looking forward to keeping up with some fantastic home learning from those at home!

I hope you all have a lovely half term!

Please remember to contact me at if you have an questions or queries!

Miss Websdalesmiley

'Returning to School' story to share with you child!