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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

Head Teacher
Mrs Amanda Ralph

Assistant Head Teacher 
Miss E Freeney

Mrs A Berrington

Teaching Staff
Miss L Potter - Year 6 (Arctic Wolves)
Miss E Freeney - Year 6 (Arctic Foxes)
Mrs K Hostead  - Year 5 (Pandas)
Mr T Boxer - Year 4 (Otters)
Mrs C Wilson - Year 3 (Lions)
Miss E Dann - Year 3 (Tigers)
Miss A Sills - Year 2 (Koalas)

Miss A Berrington & Miss P Kirby -Year 1 (Polar Bears)
Miss M Websdale - Year R (Turtles)
Mrs S Jakimavicius - PPA Cover

Mrs L Stiles - PPA Cover
Mrs J Tucker - Intervention teacher

Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Miss R Birmingham - Year 6 (Arctic Wolves)

Teaching Assistants
Mrs J Lindsay - Year 6 (Arctic Foxes)
Mrs D Allchin - Year 5 (Pandas)
Mr D Tabor - Year 5 (Pandas)
Mrs B Kent - Year 4 (Otters)
Mrs C Walsh - Year 3 (Tigers)
Mrs G Fentiman - Year 3 (Tigers)

Mr L Joy - Year 3 ( Lions)
Miss S Chadwick - Year 3 (Lions) & Year 2 (Koalas)

Mrs K Champney - Year 2 (Koalas)

Mrs J Mackrill - Year 1 (Polar Bears)
Mrs L Carlile - Year R (Turtles)

Miss M Lyons - Year R (Turtles)

Miss M Harlow - Year R (Turtles)
Mrs L Moore - Interventions

Family Liaison Officer
Mrs J Dabson

Office and administrative staff
Mrs E Roberts - School Business Manager
Mrs P Bailey - ICT Assistant
Miss A Winton - Office Administration

Site Staff
Mr A Everest - Caretaker
Mr W Godley - Assistant Caretaker

External Sports Providers
Miss H Small

Mr R Jago
Mr L Joy

Principals Catering