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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Ospringe School Governing body.


Our School governors are people who help to take care of our school. The governing body at Ospringe CE Primary School is made up of members of the local and school community. The governors work as a team to make sure the school provides a good quality education for all of us! They work in partnership with our teachers and each class has their own governor to offer support. They also help with other areas of the curriculum and school life, including: reading support, school trips, sports events, assemblies and lots more. Governors hold important meetings to help make big decisions about the school's long term goals. They are a very important part of our school community.

Written by Sean, Paige, Phoebe, Jack, Millie and Jacob (Upper Key Stage 2 School Councillors)

To contact the Chair of Governors please write to Dr Norley, c/o Ospringe School, Water Lane, Faversham, Kent
ME13 8TX

Chair of Governors & Local Authority Governor
Dr Alan Norley

Parent Governors
Mr J Dickinson
Mr B Hostead
Mr P Gill
Mrs H Kennett

Foundation Governors
Interregnum - ex-officio to be appointed
Mrs C Brightman
Mr M Wilkinson

Co-Opted Governors
Mr S Bassett
Mrs S Shepherd
Mrs C Winton
Mr J Lovell
Miss S Dean 

Staff Governors
Mrs A Ralph - Headteacher
Mrs J Lindsay

Associate Governors
Mr S Quenby
Mr R Williams
Mrs S McCourt 

Mrs D Stryzyk