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Mrs Docherty asked children to research a child from another culture or country from anywhere in the world.  They were asked to produce a piece of work that would illustrate what they had learnt.
These included models, videos, paintings and photos.
Winners and runners up were asked to become Global Citizen School Ambassadors.

Below are some of the images of the great entries and winners of the Global Citizenship  competition, ‘A Day in the life of a child from…’

Recently we sent a letter to our local MP telling her about another project we have been running.
It is called 'Send my friend to school'.  See below to read the letter and to find out more details.



We are very excited to have received a response from our local MP in response to our ‘Send my Friend to school’ campaign which raises awareness of the need for education in developing countries.


Picture 1 Rio by Faye
Picture 2 Australia by Joseph
Picture 3 Madagascar by Emma
Picture 4 Santa Cruz by Julia
Picture 5 Hawaii by Annabelle
Picture 6 Some examples of our backpacks.
Picture 7 Literacy Boxes for Zambia
Picture 8 Literacy Boxes for Zambia
Picture 9 Letter to Helen Whately MP.
Picture 10 Letter to Helen Whately MP.
Picture 11 Backpacks made by our global citizens.